Protect Your Home With a New Roof

Get a metal roof installation from our team in Howard Lake, Shorewood & Buffalo, MN

A metal roof is a durable and attractive addition to your home. If you’re interested in a metal roof installation, you can work with TC Roofing & Exteriors. We provide outstanding metal roof installation services for homes in Howard Lake, Shorewood & Buffalo, MN and surrounding areas.

Consult us about the right:

  • Roofing materials for your budget
  • Metal roof style for your home
  • Installation timeline for your schedule

We’ll help you plan a metal roof installation that’s ideal for your schedule, building and budget. Call 612-325-7705 to talk to us now. We offer senior and military discounts.

How long will your new roof last?

How long will your new roof last?

A typical metal roof lasts for about 40 years, but a roof's lifespan can depend on its materials, maintenance and environment. A roof that's made with high-quality materials, maintained well and luckily never damaged by bad weather can easily outlast other metal roofs. Call us today for more information about our metal roof installation services.